What Does "CRITIQUAL" Mean?

The term "CRITIQUAL" is a play on two words, i.e. "Critical" and "Quality" and refers to maintenance of quality parameters in terms of equipment, plant, processes & people that are paramount in optimal utilization through the life cycle of the facilities. This is all the more relevant for management of critical environments (critical to business). The environments defined as "critical to business" are those that are directly supporting a function of the client's business and a failure would result in the disruption of the operation/service, thereby causing business loss. Examples being data centers, UPS, AHU rooms, servers, generators, water supply etc.

A focus on maintaining effective processes is vital to any business. These processes need to be put in place with proper documentation which helps to marginalize the errors in any process. Managing the quality of the critical environment is the only way to maintain a safe, healthy & risk-free environment for the business. This can be done by assessing whether the people on the job are qualified enough, have the necessary skills or expertise, are trained well and inducted to maintain the equipment. Equipment need to be maintained properly to avoid breakdowns or cause any untoward incidents at the workplace like fire or fatal accidents causing injury to limb or life. These untoward incidents could cause loss in production, loss in reputation, loss of life, medical expenses, legal fees etc. Basically, the lack of compliance in any aspect of the business could risk its complete shut down.

In order to avoid these complications, it is best to operate and maintain assets & the infrastructure of the facility in an efficient and effective manner. Putting these things in place helps to reduce the cost of business to keep it healthy, safe and provide a risk-free environment for its employees.


Facilities management is a complex function integrating people, plant and processes spanning multiple disciplines. The constant need for reducing operating costs usually results in reduction in number and quality of manpower and neglect of best practices thereby leading the function to do nothing much beyond fighting fires. Important aspects like condition assessments, risk management, safe processes, environment health & safety, documentation & record keeping, audits etc. often take a back seat and with each passing day the risk to the business keeps going up.

Unkempt equipment rooms/storage rooms, unreliable machinery, failed components, poor documentation, unhappy employees, absenteeism, employee attrition, more than usual medical cases (injuries/illness) are all signs of facilities management gone wrong. A safe, healthy and reliable environment not only increases productivity but also becomes an important tool for attracting and retaining talent which is the most critical asset of any business.

Critiqual has the expertise and can help businesses to identify the weak areas of the facilities function (in-house or outsourced) and bring them at par with the best in class, while reducing the risk to the business.

If any of the above rings a bell and you feel that you or your company needs help, Call us immediately for a Free Consultation...

Critiqual Engineering Services is an independent consulting agency focused on helping clients achieve critical quality parameters in the Engineering infrastructure/ processes in the facility.

Services offered include Functional, process and compliance Audits, Infrastructure Assessments, Due Diligence, Facility takeover (Project to Asset) Contract Management, Transition Management and Risk management along with health & safety aspects in a facility.

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