With a wealth of experience in Facilities Management across various sectors like Banking, IT/ITeS, Pharma etc. we can advise our clients on FM strategy and execution through the Life cycle of the real estate portfolio.


Lack of skilled manpower, recognized professional courses and high rates of attrition result in the FM team constantly performing below par. Deployment of manpower in shifts at widespread locations and non-availability of qualified trainers also reduce the impact of training efforts.

We can help in providing training to your FM staff in line with company standards.

Options include on-site training, centralized training and web/video conferencing.


Effective documentation is the cornerstone for any business to get the most out of the staff and improve efficiencies.

Documentation can be of various kinds and helps in: removing ambiguity in operations, standardization of processes, enhance safety, reduce risk, record keeping, training, compliance and enhance the value of a business.

So whether it is for making an Operations Manual or a Blue book or making SOPs and EOPs, Report formats or producing SLDs or As Built Drawings, We Can Help you...


Testing & Commissioning (T&C) ensures that the infrastructure meets the design requirements, are safe to operate and serves the intended purpose. Under-performance of most building systems & services can be traced back to ineffective testing & commissioning. Add improper documentation handover to that and you have a recipe for a failed FM function.

We Offer complete building takeover services from Projects teams including witnessing the T&C, snagging/punch list, document take over and Integrated systems test.


An objective evaluation of the various functions of FM is necessary to ensure efficient and effective operations that meet the contractual, statutory and administrative requirements as well as reduce risk to the business.

We Can Help with Audits of various functions of FM to help improve performance. This includes Process Audits, Fire & Life Safety Audits, EHS Maintenance Audits, Energy Audits, Accessibility Audits, and Compliance Audits.


Things Change. As facilities age, their condition changes as well. Condition Assessments can help in assessment of current condition of assets and the intervention necessary to improve efficiencies, fine tune the operations & maintenance strategy, reduce costs, projection of future maintenance cost and decision on repairs vs replacement.

For occupiers looking for new facilities, we can undertake Infrastructure Assessment in line with the company Base Building Specifications (BBS) and provide the suitability report. If BBS does not exist, We Can Help you draw out one.


Not managing the change during contract transition resulting in dissatisfaction to both parties involved and at times failure of the contract.

We can undertake Contract Transition Management for clients and/or service provider to ensure a successful transition with thorough due diligence, careful forethought, planning, and a systematic approach to managing the transition, the risks, and the change. If your contract does not seem to be working out, do not give up hope and think of changing the service provider, We Can Help with a Re-Transition to help develop and transform the same team into a high performing one.


Is your service provider delivering services as per the contractual requirements or are you paying a premium for routine work?

We Can track performance, compliance with SLAs and KPIs and all process deviation to reduce risk to the business and enhance safety. For this we will embed our trained manpower into the site/account to monitor each activity and deliver evidence based reporting including failures, areas for improvement and validation of KPIs. Additionally we will also carry out skills assessment, review of roles & responsibilities & processes towards performance enhancement.


Is your cooling system heating up your Energy bills? Normally a Chiller and associated components have a life cycle of 15-20 years. However, most owners end up changing the chillers much before that due to performance issues.

We Can Help enhance your Chiller performance and deliver huge savings to you and at the same time ensure a longer life for your plant. Services range from Performance Qualification Audit, Refurbishment as per findings and a Full-Service guaranteed Savings Contract that will include Audit, Refurbishment, Operations of the Chiller and Annual Maintenance of the low side of the system (The Chiller AMC remains with OEM).


We understand that no company can hire additional resources just to cater for that emergent and ad-hoc requirement that might come its way. Nor can work be tasked as collateral to already burdened resources and hence we offer Qualified Manpower to support you for that critical operation. This provision however is for short term assignments ONLY and entirely dependent on availability of requisite manpower with us.


We can undertake a complete FM transformation for the facility, if so needed. This will include preparation of Scope abstract followed by process mapping for all activities, review/development of SOPs/EOPs/formats and Ops Manual, facility audits (Processes, EHS, CEM, Life safety etc), broad brush condition assessment, skills assessment of staff, followed by training.

Once the entire program is implemented successfully, monthly/quarterly surveillance audits will be undertaken to ensure sustainability.

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