Critiqual Engineering Services aka Mission Critical Quality

Critiqual Engineering Services is an independent consulting agency focused on helping clients achieve critical quality parameters in the Mission Critical Engineering Infrastructure and facility management or Property Management function.

Energy Savings Through Chiller Optimization

In most facilities chillers present a wonderful opportunity for energy savings, through optimization. A savings of 10 to 15% in the electricity consumption can easily be realized through optimisation alone...

Critiqual Engineering Services Three Years Anniversary

Critiqual Engineering Services is a consulting service started by Varinder Taprial in June 2017. Today, we have completed three successful years of service and this video is a reflection of the last three years...

Handover of Building Operations - Project to Assets | Critiqual Engineering Services

Handover of a building from Projects team to Operations is the most significant transition in the building lifecycle and plays a big role in subsequent costs in managing the building. More often than not, this is an aspect which is not given the attention that it deserves. We took over project documentation for a large building recently and this video is about that and the process.

New Channel - Tech Talks with Varinder Taprial

An introduction to Tech Talks, the channel for all things related to Facilities Management. Relates to FM professionals as well as those aspiring to join the Facilities Management business/industry. #TechTalksWithVarinderTaprial #FacilitiesManagement #BuildingServices #TechTalks
How well you manage a fire depend a lot on how well you manage the fire services impairments before the fire? Management of all system impairments well requires a sturdy process in place.